20 Best Stuffed Animals Gift for your Girlfriend in 2023

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Do you start feeling a headache about giving gifts to your girlfriend regarding holidays? While pondering hard, why not consider giving a stuffed animal as a gift? Most girls will lose their resistance to incredibly soft plush toys. Of course, you can’t just walk into the store and buy a plush toy as a gift casually, but carefully choose the style that suits your girlfriend’s preferences. Here are the 20 best stuffed animals explicitly designed for your girlfriend, and there will always be one that is the perfect gift for your girlfriend.

20 Best Stuffed Animals for Girlfriends

Cute Pink Bear

Pink lovely kawaii teddy bear

When you first see this cute pink bear, do you think it’s perfect as a gift for your girlfriend? Looking at its tiny heart on its forehead, with a touch of red cheeks and an elegant yet playful bowtie around its neck, do you remember the cute appearance of your girlfriend the first time you saw her? Hurry up and choose it as a Valentine’s Day gift!


  • The pink and delicate colors symbolize sweet love
  • The material is soft and durable
  • Cute yet elegant style


  • The color is very light and not resistant to dirt
  • The material of the scarf is not suitable for frequent washing

Mini Polar Bear Stuffed Animal

Mini polar Bear stuffed animal

Look! This petite and adorable polar bear will remind girls of their childhood polar adventure dreams. Its small size makes it the perfect choice for a DIY pendant. Just take it on a journey!


  • Small size, suitable for DIY backpacks, keys, and other hanging items
  • The material is very soft, just like clouds
  • Simple design with a cute style


  • The round shape may remind your girlfriend that you think her face is as round as this little bear.
  • The color is white, and it is easy to get dirty
  • Small size, not suitable for holding

White Teddy Bear Luxury

white luxury teddy bear

This is a uniquely designed teddy bear plush toy. Unlike traditional ones, it is not entirely plush but made of lace material. The purple velvet bow on its neck adds elegance to it. If your girlfriend is a delicate girl, you may choose this as a gift for her.


  • Made of high-quality embroidered lace fabric
  • Durable
  • The color and design are exquisite
  • Medium size, suitable for girls to hug


  • Light color, easy to get dirty
  • The material is not suitable for brushing

Elegant Black Unicorn Stuffed Animal

Black Goth Unicorn Plushie

Are you attracted by the beautiful myth of unicorns and want to see this magical creature? Look at our charming black unicorn plush toys! The exquisite black flowers and symbol patterns create a transparent effect on the white body, emitting a mysterious atmosphere. It embodies elegance and charm and is decorated with silk-like satin material and a gorgeous white veil. Unicorn also symbolizes love, loyalty, courage, beauty, nobility, arrogance, and purity. No one would refuse such a meaningful gift!


  • The shape of a unicorn, combined with black and white colors, exudes a mysterious aura.
  • Rich in meaning, it is a symbol of love
  • Made of high-quality lace
  • Durable


  • Not suitable for machine washing
  • It is not fluffy. There’s no fluffy feeling when hugging it.

White Gothic Unicorn Stuffed Animal

goth white unicorn

White Gothic Unicorn Stuffed AnimalDoes this unicorn look familiar? Right, this and the black unicorn above are for couples. Unlike the mysterious black unicorn, this white unicorn appears more approachable. Its eyes exude a wonderful feeling, while its small, sharp corners add magic. This unicorn is wrapped in lace fabric, showcasing elegance. Exquisite floral patterns are embossed on its body, adding complexity and charm. Its prominent feature is its long white ponytail, woven from soft cotton.


  • The material is carefully selected cotton, carefully crafted to showcase elegance.
  • Together with the one above, it can make up a couple of styles, suitable for decoration.


  • A white body, easy to get dirty
  • The material is not suitable for machine washing

Black Bombay Gothic Cat Stuffed Animal

Black emo goth cat stuffed animal

Wow! Look at this black cat plush toy. Its charming big eyes reveal a hint of mystery while feeling terrifying. Made of ultra-soft lace fabric, it is perfect as a gift for Gothic enthusiasts and cat lovers.


  • The color is darker and less likely to get dirty
  • Unique personality, perfect choice for your sexy girlfriend
  • Using high-quality skin, skin-friendly lace


  • The color tone is too , not suitable for giving to girlfriends who like cute styles.
  • The material is not suitable for frequent washing

Gothic Black Bunny Stuffed Animal

goth black bunny plushthis

This black faceless rabbit is made of artificial suede, and its most distinctive feature is its faceless shape with two drooping large ears. There is no other decoration except a bow, which simplifies it. If your girlfriend is a minimalist, then quickly choose this plush toy as her gift!


  • Simple design, reflecting a minimalist lifestyle philosophy
  • Dark color, not easy to get dirty
  • Small size, suitable for decoration or hanging


  • Small size, not suitable for hugging
  • The material is not fluffy
  • Not ideal for girlfriends who prefer light colors

Black British Spaniel Dog Stuffed Animal

british spaniel dog stuffed animal

Is your girlfriend a dog lover? If so, consider our dog plush toy. This is a cute black Spanish terrier, with an overall color of black. Its large furry ears and tail, a white cross on its chest, make it adorable.


  • There is a sweet white cross on the chest
  • The overall color is dark and not easily stained


  • The size is too small to meet the needs of hugging plush toys
  • Hand washing

Bug Error Emo Teddy Bear

error bug emo teddy bear

This teddy bear has many bugs on its body, and the combination of green and pink is perfect for healing. If your girlfriend has been feeling a bit down lately, why not give her this teddy bear as a gift? It will definitely comfort her!


  • Healing psychology
  • Contrasting colors
  • Soft texture


  • It looks a bit disheartening and not suitable for giving to a girlfriend who is in high spirits.
  • Not easy to clean

Pink Fluffy Bat Stuffed Animal

pink fluffy bat stuffed animal

This cute plush toy is made of high-quality PV wool and artificial fur fabric and is also very light. Its unique design is very distinctive, with a pink bat, large black eyes, and delicate blue wings. The cute bow and white belly make it visually more attractive.


  • High-quality materials
  • Durable
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Small size, suitable for snuggling on the bed


  • It is not suitable as a gift for girlfriends who are afraid of animals like bats.
  • Small size, not suitable for hugging

Street Art and Punk Kitten Stuffed Animal

emo art punk kitten

This cute red and white cat doll is perfect for punk, gothic, or street art lovers. The soft mink fur fabric is perfect for hugging, the red heart on the body and face adding sweetness.


  • Vibrant street art
  • The design of the two eyes and the love on the body are very unique


  • The body is white and easily get dirty

Red And Black Punk Funky Vampire Cat

Red And Black Punk Funky Vampire Cat

Do you immediately think of Halloween when you see this cat? Don’t hesitate to choose it as a Halloween gift for your girlfriend. Its unique design will make your gift stand out, and its creepy design will add an extra sense of horror.


  • Soft material, suitable for snuggling or hugging
  • Reflects the splicing process
  • Not easy to get dirty


  • Mink leather fabric cannot be washed with water
  • The style is scary and unsuitable for a Valentine’s Day or birthday gift.

Black Owl Gothic Lolita Handbag


You are wrong if you think this is just a black owl plush toy! This is an 8-inch handbag made of smooth corduroy fabric, which is cute and practical. This is still a fusion of Gothic and Lolita aesthetic elements, simple but cute, suitable as a versatile handbag for your girlfriend.


  • gothic lolita 
  • It can be paired with various dark-colored clothes
  • Symbolizing wisdom


  • Cute style, not suitable for giving to girlfriends who like a relaxed style
  • Not machine washable

Emo Animecore Pink Racoon Stuffed Animal

Pink Racoon stuffed animal

If your girlfriend likes plush toys, then don’t miss this pink raccoon plush toy! The long pink hair of this plush raccoon drapes over her head and face, complementing her cute black ears and cute black soles. Her pink arms make her more charming. She has a big furry tail and charming black eyes, exuding cuteness and humor. A black velvet bow tie tied around the neck adds elegance.


  • The combination of rose red and black is extremely charming
  • Small size, suitable as a backpack pendant
  • Skin-friendly material with a plush texture


  • Not suitable for machine washing
  • Girlfriends who prefer warm colors may not like this color combination

Big Bad Wolf Stuffed Animal

Big Bad Wolf Stuffed Animal

Look at this wolf with an open mouth! Its fangs and roaring expression add a bit of ferocity to him. Don’t worry. Although this stuffed toy may not look too gentle, it feels very soft to the touch. If you have a funny girlfriend, choose this one as a gift for her, and I believe she won’t be disappointed!


  • Made of cotton fabric
  • Funny design
  • Large size, suitable for playing in games


  • Some girls may not like this fiercer-looking toy

Cute Penguin Stuffed Animal with a Red Heart

Penguin Stuffed Animal with a Red Heart

Seeing this chubby little penguin, I believe your lovely girlfriend will also be overjoyed! The small red heart on the chest and a touch of red on the cheeks all show cuteness. Take this cute penguin on a date with your girlfriend. It will definitely bring you joy and warmth.


  • Cute style
  • Made from mink fabric
  • Suitable for polar enthusiasts


  • Medium size, not everyone can hug it

Green Giant Dinosaur Stuffed Animal

Giant Dinosaur Stuffed Animal

Those who love prehistoric times must take advantage of this dinosaur stuffed toy. It has big teeth and soft green skin, looks fierce but also full of vitality. It has a large volume and is made of ultra-fluffy materials, making it suitable for snuggling up to sleep. Of course, your girlfriend can also hug it.


  • Large size can be used as a pillow
  • Very fluffy
  • Multifunctional use
  • High-quality materials


  • The volume is relatively large and takes up a lot of space.

Cute Cartoon Astronaut Stuffed Animal

Astronaut Plushie

This cartoon astronaut plush toy is the perfect companion for a girlfriend with a space dream. It depicts a charming astronaut sitting on a planet, bringing whimsy and imagination to game time or decorations. From astronaut spacesuits to cute helmets, the attention to detail in the design adds to its charm.


  • Made of PU fabric, easy to clean
  • Rich in technology and imaginative space


  • Not too fluffy
  • The touch is relatively extraordinary, not suitable for embracing in winter

Lovely and Charming Blue Koala Stuffed Animal

Blue Koala Stuffed Animal

Receiving a cute and charming blue koala stuffed animal is definitely a pleasant thing! The blue skin looks full of vitality. Its high-quality craftsmanship ensures durability, and its attention to detail highlights the cuteness of the koala. This stuffed animal is made of hypoallergenic materials and is suitable for allergic populations. Quickly choose this Australian national treasure as a gift to give to your caring girlfriend! She will definitely like it!


  • Blue skin, full of vitality
  • Made of high-quality mink leather fabric, nonallergenic
  • Highlighting the theme of animal protection


  • Medium size, may not be able to hug

Blue White Whale Stuffed Animal

Blue White Whale Stuffed Animal

This charming plush toy has a charming design with a vibrant blue and whimsical appearance. Whales emit a gentle aura outwards, while light blue highlights the vitality of the ocean. This plush toy is made of high-quality materials with a soft and cuddly texture, making it both comfortable and fun. Choose a whale toy to give your girlfriend a gift and embark on an ocean journey!


  • Large size for snuggling
  • Light color system
  • Gentle Style


  • Not suitable for machine washing
  • Light colors, easy to get dirty

What kind of stuffed animals girls would love to have?

Tailored plushies based on her personality and preferences

Your girlfriend definitely wants her to be unique, so the gifts she wants to receive are also unique, not something you just walk into a store to buy casually. With the unique gift, she will feel valued by you. For example, you can try buying a plush toy with her name or birthday printed on it, and you can also print words you want to say to your girlfriend on the plush toys and so on. If she likes cute style plush toys, then you can’t give them a Gothic style plush toy. In short, you need to fully understand your girlfriend and be a careful person, demonstrating your importance and love for her by giving her a unique plush toy.

Choose a stuffed animal that is suitable for the current time

Give the right gift at the right time to show your concern for your girlfriend. For example, on your anniversary, you can send her a plush toy with this date printed on it. You can give her plush toys that match the holiday theme on Christmas, Halloween, or Valentine’s Day. I believe giving a specific gift at a specific time will be more commemorative. Many years later, when you see this gift again, you will also recall the good memories of the past.

How to wrap and gift plushies to surprise and touch your girlfriend?

Is it enough to carefully choose plush toys as gifts for your girlfriend? Of course not! You must also carefully package and give it to her at the appropriate time to show your sincerity. As for how to do it, please look at the following suggestions!

Choose gift boxes and postcards that are similar in style to the gift

Imagine if the gift you received was casually packed in a bag. Wouldn’t it seem like you didn’t pay that much attention? Choose a gift box with a matching style as the packaging, decorate the box with flowers or colorful lights, and personally write a postcard with blessings and expectations!

Carefully decorate the stuffed toy you selected for your girlfriend

Just sending a stuffed toy may be a little dull, so you should prepare several sets of clothes or scarves for your preferred stuffed toy and even spray some perfume your girlfriend likes. I believe no one would refuse such a delicate stuffed toy!

Secret gift to girlfriend as a surprise

You can choose the appropriate time or specific holiday to give gifts to your girlfriend. Before issuing a gift, do not disclose the news to her so that she will be pleasantly surprised when she receives the gift. In addition, you can also record a Vlog of the gift preparation process and a Vlog of the opening of the box when your girlfriend receives the gift. These Vlogs will also become precious gifts to record your love.


The above are the 20 best stuffed animal toys, with a variety of styles to choose from, including gothic, cute, punk, and more. There will always be one that suits your girlfriend. Plush toys are not only a gift that can bring warmth to you, but also a souvenir of your love. Don’t hesitate! Click on PlushThis.com to choose the best plush toy for your girlfriend!


Is a stuffed animal a good gift for my girlfriend?

Of course, if your girlfriend doesn’t reject plush toys or loves small animals, I can responsibly tell you that stuffed toys are a great gift. The meaning of a gift lies not in the gift itself but in your heart. As long as you carefully prepare a gift, it is always great for your girlfriend. You can choose the best plush toy as a gift for your girlfriend based on the above suggestions.

How can I be sure my girl would love to get a stuffed animal toy?

At this point, you should be a careful person. You can recall or observe the moments when you were with your girlfriend. Has she shown a love for soft, furry toys? Does she show a passion for small animals? Is there a stuffed toy on her backpack or a key as a pendant? If there are any, just give her an animal stuffed plush toy as a companion!

What to send to my girlfriend if she is fond of nice dishes like Punk style?

Firstly, you should fully respect your girlfriend’s niche tastes, try to understand her interests, and establish a common language between you. As for gifts, once you have gained an understanding of her hobbies, choose suitable stuffed toys based on her hobbies as a unique gift for her. She will be very moved by your knowledge! Quickly click here to learn about various tastes of plush toys!



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